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What Others Have To Say About Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0

"Extremely Good Product!"

Russ Kampmann
Columbus, OH, USA
"He Delivers Beyond What I Had Expected"

I have been getting more into design lately and have wanted to learn more about using Photoshop as I am mostly familiar with Illustrator. It was therefore natural that I was interested in reviewing this course. Lucas promises an extensive tutorial, and I am here to tell you that he delivers beyond what I had expected.

Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0 will teach you how to use the tools available in Photoshop. In addition you'll learn basic principals of good design, and Lucas has even thrown in a tutorial on how to market yourself as a freelancer so you can start making money on your newfound skills.

If you are new to Photoshop I believe this is the best course out there, and at a very reasonable price at that..

Chris Gylseth
Spanish Fork, UT, USA
"From Zero To Hero In Creating One Of A Kind Graphics"

I was given an early review copy of Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0 - 240+ HD Videos Photoshop Video Course! I have bought other products of Lucas before and this one is no different, he constantly hits his products out of the park. There is a ton of videos intro to Photoshop to border line pro Photoshop users.

He takes this training another step and shows you exactly how you can not only use it in your business but how to branch out and make money with it.

Step by step what to click, where to click, options in clicking elements in Photoshop so you will never be lost as he holds your hand throughout the process from zero to hero in creating one of a kind graphics.

Even if you have been on Warrior Forum for less than a year I am sure you have heard of Lucas, really a standup guy and gives a ton back here to our community.

Michael Howard
Annapolis, Maryland, USA

"Complete Photoshop Education That Will Add Another Stream Of Income"

Tom Koziol
Reno, NV, USA
"It Just Seems So Easy Now"

To give you first a little information: I am using Designers all the time. For Headers, Facebook covers, Website Designs. I bought a while ago a old Version of Photoshop (CS3, so a little bit outdated), and tried a lot of times, to do the work myself.

I always thought, that I am not a graphic person, since the graphics, that I “designed” looked terrible. So I still ended up hiring a designer to finish the work.

Than I came across the Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0. Why not giving it a try? I am blown away!

There are over 240 Videos, which guides you by the hand, to create awesome graphics. It starts with the Basics, that you learn, how to use Photoshop, Keyboard Shortcuts, settings ect. Than it goes to the Graphic Desings Basics, where you learn, what are the different Elements and principals of a Design, which Colors to use.

The next part is very interesting for all the photographers out there: How to manipulate images, the tools and the finishes on Photos.

For all people like me: Slicing Designs into HTML, create Headers, Banners, Buttons and so much more. Also Sources to get images to use in your Design, get Ideas and Inspirations.

After watching now most of the videos (there are so many), I am actually able to create nice and professional looking graphics myself. It just seems so easy now. I tried now for a long time, to find my way through Photoshop, watched endless Videos on Youtube about it, but never really could get used to it. After this Course, I finally can say: Yes, I am mastering Photoshop!

For all of you, who want to earn some money: When you go through this course, and learn how to master Photoshop, there are also a lot of Videos, on how to earn money with your new skills! I don't need a Designer anymore, thanks to Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0. I cant thank you enough!

Tobias Wilhelm
Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA
"Truly A Business-In-A-Box Approach To Learning Photoshop"

I've been looking everywhere for photoshop tutorials after having recently purchased the software. I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Lucas' product.

I was immediately impressed with the sheer volume of instructions included and after reviewing the videos I was equally impressed with Lucas' mastery of the subject. It quickly becomes obvious that he knows his topic intimately.

The video modules are divided into three sections: 1) A detailed step-by-step introduction to the menu's and functions of photoshop, 2) an Over-the-Shoulder look at practical applications such as creating headers, banners, logos and more; and 3) Practical advice on applying your new-found skills to freelancing sites such as fiverr, freelancer, and Odesk

I liked the well-organized members area that provided easy access to the 200+ detailed videos, and I was especially happy to see the easy-to-follow modules that dealt with practical uses of the software. The addition of the detailed section on applying your skills to several popular freelance sights makes this truly a business-in-a-box approach to learning photoshop.

If there were any flaws in the product I'd have to say that it was almost too detailed in places, with very in-depth coverage of almost every aspect of photoshop. Compared in cost and detail to tutorials available at places like and Udemy, this package is a bargain well worth getting your hands on!

Stephen Marsh
Mayberry, RFD, USA
"The Amount And Quality Of Content Included Is Phenomenal"

The Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0 has helped me so much, as a Photoshop newbie this course has given me deep understanding of how to use Photoshop, what the tools are and why they are used in easy to follow step-by-step videos.

The amount and quality of content included is phenomenal. Not only does course teach all the elements of graphic design but also photo manipulation, how to put all this together to design a website in Photoshop then take that design and create a HTML website. The course even goes on to show you how to make money from the skills you learn.

I highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to learn graphic design with Photoshop.

Colin Bell
United Kingdom
"This Makes It Easy & Simple To Learn!"

Anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to use Photoshop or may know some of the features & want to learn more will love this video course!

Divided over 31 modules under 3 parts.

Part 1 will give you an overview of the course as well as how to use the various tools.

Part 2 will walk you through creating graphics, banners, mini-sites, icons & much more!

Part 3 will being showing you the money! Ideas on how to take your newly acquired or brushed up skills to create an income source.

With the videos being divided up allowing you to review what you need, you will not be overwhelmed. Lucas does not waste your time so you'll learn what you need to learn & get going!

I've always wanted to learn Photoshop & this makes it easy & simple to learn!

Great job Lucas!

Sandie Longs
Dallas, TX, USA
"Complete A To Z"

I had the opportunity to review the last product of Lucas Adamski called Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0, I'm going to give a honest review to people who are interested. The course is a complete A to Z. Lucas touches every single aspect of this program teaching in a clear and easy way.

This course is for beginner, intermediate and advance people in Photoshop knowledge. It's also for graphic designers who are looking to make money from home. This is truly a great opportunity!

Jesus Flores
New York, USA
"Not Much Of Beating Around The Bush"

I have gone through the Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0 course. The quality is great, the videos are organized into small topics and the spoken commentary is audible and clear. The topics covered are comprehensive and right to the point, not much of beating around the bush, suitable for people who like to get into action right away and do not need more filler material.

Lastly, I have benefited much from the lessons, as would any beginner Photoshop user and aspiring online freelancer who are figuring out the many different ways to make money online.

Bobby Teng
Exactly What You Get With Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0
All-In-One Photoshop Video Course
It's a simple, step-by-step video training how to master Photoshop in 7 days or less.
Complete Photoshop Toolbox
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Instant Pixlr Expert
Discover how to become a pro designer in 3 days or less using a free online graphic editing tool called Pixlr.
43 Secret Photoshop Styles
Imagine a way to create amazing-looking graphics within just a few clicks of the mouse. It's all possible with my personal collection of styles that I've built in over 2 years time.
"Over My Shoulder" Minisite Creation Videos
Discover step-by-step how I'm creating full-blown minisite graphics from complete scratch.
12 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech Support
Stay always up to date and get help if you get stuck at any point.
100+ Marketing Graphic Templates
Use these top-quality graphic templates as your starting point. Customize them freely, use in your projects or even sell for high profits!
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Lucas Adamski

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any monthly recurring payment?

No. You'll get instant access to the full training for just a small one-time investment.

What are the computer requirements?

Photoshop works both on Mac and PC. You don't need to have a super-fast computer to run in. If you bought your computer in the last 5 years you are good to go.

What rights do I get for the graphic templates?

You'll receive full personal & developer's rights. That means you can use these templates in your own projects to make money and also in your client's projects. You can resell them as your own if you customize them.

Where can I get Photoshop?

You can get the newest Photoshop CC version directly from website. In the training I'm showing step-by-step how to download and install Photoshop on Mac & PC. It costs only $9.99/month.

I'm not technical and never used Photoshop before. Is this training for me?

YES! I created this video training exactly with you in mind. Even if you're not techie and get lost in Microsoft Paint, after watching my videos, you'll be a Photoshop maestro in no time!

Do you provide any support?

YES! Absolutely! I'm always here to help you if you get stuck in any point. You get full 12 months free tech support. Ask me questions directly and I'm here to answer it.

Can I really learn Photoshop in just 7 days?

YES! First 14 modules cover Photoshop fundamentals and if you put 1-2 solid hours every day, you'll be able to learn Photoshop in just 7 days. Of course, if you want to really master it it may take you few weeks and months. But you'll have the main fundamentals absorbed so that Photoshop will never feel intimidating ever again :) Within 7 days you'll be able to create header graphics, banners and do basic photo editing. After you follow part 2 (in-action) videos you'll discover even more secret strategies how to become a PRO designer even if you had no experience previously!

To Your Success,
Lucas Adamski

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